Spring Spot League - 2017

Vegas Targets

March 21, 2017 – July 1, 2017

(Predator's Open League nights are Tuesday and Thursday beginning 3/21, 6:00pm-9:00pm)


League Information

When: The League will commence on Tuesday March 21st and end Saturday July 1st. See Rules and General Information Section for complete schedule for the 2017 season.

How much: The one-time buy-in is $25 which pays for the awards and administration costs.  In addition, participants are responsible for the range fees for each night you shoot.  Buy-in must be paid on or before the first week's scores are completed to be a participant.  Registration to join ends on 3/25. Pre-paid range fee cards will be available for purchase at the shop beginning 3/21 or online at any time during the duration of the league.

Who can participate?: YOU!  No matter what style you shoot or what your skill level is, the league is open to everyone to participate.  There will be a sliding handicap calculation to get everyone on equal footing.

Awards: There will be awards given for the following categories:


Questions? General questions, contact Curtis at 408-842-7733. For more detailed questions, contact the league organizer, Karen Stewart at the shop in the evenings or by email predator@garlic.com.

Rules and General Information

  • All participants must have paid the $25 buy-in before the first week's scores are due. There are no refunds once the league has begun.
  • NFAA Vegas 300 round rules will be used. Basic rules include the following:
    • Shooting position will be at 20 yards, 3-arrows per end, 10 ends with target swaps after the 5th end.
    • Either a 40cm single spot target face or a Vegas 3-spot target face will be used.
    • Arrow shaft must be touching the line for the higher score.
    • X’s will be counted and used as tie breakers.
    • Targets will be swapped at half-time (if you started on top, your target moves to the bottom and vice versa).
  • The league will run for a total of 15 weeks. There will be 3 "bye weeks" when no scores are due. These will be the weeks of: 4/16, 5/28, 6/18.
  • You must submit at least 10 official scores to be qualified for awards. After week 3, an archers cumulative average score will be calculated when no score is submitted for the week. If no score is submitted in weeks 1-3, a zero will be recorded until 3 shot scores have been submitted.
  • Open league nights have been scheduled for Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s. League participants can reserve one (1) space each week and the rest will operate on a first come/first served basis. This will NOT be a closed league so you may be shooting/scoring with others not participating in the league. It is recommended to get there early to secure a shooting lane; score submission deadline exceptions will not be given.
  • You may shoot multiple league nights and the highest score will be recorded for the week.
  • League scores can be obtained at any scheduled league night or if you cannot attend one of the scheduled league nights, then a verified score obtained at Predator’s before the weekly deadline will be accepted. Scores submitted outside of league nights that seem unreasonable to your averages may be challenged and tossed if sandbagging is suspected.
  • League participants are responsible for ensuring that their scores on the league score sheets are accurate and submitted at the end of the night. The submitted score sheets overrule any other scores kept by the player on their target, mobile device, etc.
  • If you know that you will not be able to submit a score for the next week (ie. vacation), you may shoot an additional score with league secretary notification prior to shooting the score.
  • Scores obtained outside of the official league nights must be submitted by Saturday night 7:00pm the same week.
  • All league participants will be invited to the league awards BBQ regardless of status (dropped out, disqualified for awards, etc). Everyone attending the dinner will be responsible for their own bill. Location, costs, date, and time of the BBQ will be determined BEFORE the league’s completion. We will try to make every reasonable accommodation to ensure everyone can participate in the dinner by planning early. The dinner will be held before August 31st.
  • The League Secretary will be the deciding entity for any rule changes or disputes.