World Indoor Archery Mail-Match

blue and white 5 spot and single spot target

January 2015 – March 2015

What is it?
The WIAMM is a tournament hosted by the International Field Archers Association (IFAA) and is classified as a world event to promote archery for all.

Who can participate?
Any non-professional archer may enter the event.

What is the duration?
The WIAMM will be a worldwide postal match during the months of January, February and March each year.

What is the format?
The WIAMM shall consist of three Indoor Rounds of 12 ends of 5 arrows at 20* yards using either the IFAA blue and white 5-spot or the blue and white single-spot target. One Round will be shot each month at Predator's Archery between January and March with scores submitted to the shop by the deadlines indicated.

*Cubs will shoot at 10 yards

What is the scoring?
Single spot scoring is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 from the spot out; 5-spot target scoring will be: White scoring area: 5 points and blue scoring area: 4 points.

Are there any rule differences?
The principal rule difference to remember is the arrow shaft must CUT through the line to score the higher value.

Recognized Divisions:
  1. Veteran (age 55 and older)
  2. Junior (age 13-16)
  3. Adult (age 17 and older)
  4. Cub (under age 13)

Equipment and Styles:
All IFAA Styles are recognized. Please note there are some differences in equipment for some styles (ie. Bowhunter Freestyle does not allow the level and must have 4+ pins). Go to the "Bow Styles in IFAA" page at the IFAA web site to review what equipment is legal for your particular style.

How do I register?
Online registration is below or you can register in the shop. Registration fees are $16 to participate in the tournament. The first score AND registration is due no later than January 31st.

Additional Information:
Visit the IFAA website to see last year's results and additional information about the tournament.

WIAMM Online Registration

Registration is closed for this year's tournament.