Winter Spot League - Week 12 Report

Winter Spot League - Week 12 Report

Happy New Year everyone!  2023 is going to be an awesome year!!

We're done with week 12 and the rankings are heating up even more!  It looks like we're missing a lot of scores, so maybe some of you are still in "holiday" mode!  I hope you can get back into it for week 13.  Our league average shot WAY UP!  Wow.  We're at 276.28!!  Someone ate their Wheaties this week!!

Here are this weeks rankings:

By weekly score
By "Best 10" total score
By weekly score + handicap

At this point in the league we have 10 official scores (assuming you aren't missing scores from prior weeks).  We use the 10 "best" scores to calculate your overall ranking in the league.  It's also what's used to determine league prizes (which are announced and present at the league dinner - probably in March or maybe late February...we'll see).  Scores shot for the remaining weeks of league can weight into your overall finish (if they're better scores than prior weeks).  So, really bear down and make these weeks count!

Anyhow, keep shooting, keep grinding!  We have the CBH/SAA State Indoor Championship this coming week (if you're shooting at Predator's).  Good luck to those participating.  Vegas is looming on the horizon for those making the pilgrimage!

You can do it.  Make each arrow count. The only arrow that matters is the next arrow shot.  Forget the rest!   

Questions?  Concerns?  Let me know!  Booyah!!

-- jrj

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