Winter Spot League - Week 13 report

Winter Spot League - Week 13 report

Week 13 is done!  And many shot in the CBH/SAA State Indoor Championships this weekend @ Predator's!  Hope all of this hard work is paying off for you!  For those heading to "The Vegas Shoot", it's right around the corner.  We still have a couple more weeks of this league and another competition (more below!).

Here are this weeks rankings:

By weekly score
By "Best 10" total score
By weekly score + handicap

OK, a ton of information below....sorry to drone on thusly.....

Southwest Sectionals
The NFAA Southwest Indoor Sectional Championship is happening thru the month of January and again, Predator's is a hosting site.  The term "Sectionals" or "Section" refers to the geographic region of states within the U.S..  So, the NFAA is the "national" organization, there's a "sectional" organization, then a "State" affiliate organization (CBH/SAA), a regional organization (MTBA) and then your local clubs (e.g. BMB, SCA, SFA, BHU).  So, we've had a local competition (e.g. BMB had the Coyote 600), then a regional competition (the MTBA Regional Indoor), we just finished the State Indoor (CBH/SAA), now we're on to the "Sectional" competition.  After that....the national competition, "Indoor Nationals" in Louisville, KY.  The Vegas Shoot is an international event, but it's technically a single stand alone event.  

Here in CA, we live in the "Southwest Section" of the NFAA.  The "Southwest Indoor Sectionals Championship" is happening, as mentioned above.  The format of this shoot is shooting two (2) Vegas 300 rounds, consecutively.  Predator's is hosting on:
* Saturday, 1/21 - 1:00PM and 4:00PM lines
* Monday, 1/23 - 7:00PM

To register, you MUST complete the following 2-steps:

1. Call Predator's Archery and schedule the date/time you want to shoot.  The phone # to call is:  408-842-7733.  You MUST do this step!  Once you have your date/time confirmed....go to step #2.

2. Register via the NFAA and pay your shoot fees there.  Scroll down on the page linked, and find "Predators Archery" under the "Southwest Sectionals".  There you can log into your NFAA account and add the sectional event and process payment.

Vegas Shoot
We will be scheduling a group photo when we're all in Las Vegas at the Vegas Shoot (those that are going!).  We usually do this Friday, late afternoon (after the final line of the day).  Just keep this item in the back of your head.  We usually just word of mouth the time & location with each other. So, ask and share.

League Dinner & Awards
I'm also looking at dates for the League Dinner & Awards.  I'm thinking about a Saturday in March (maybe the 4th or 18th).  I still need to confirm with the venue (Old City Hall Restaurant, 1 block away from Predator's).  Be thinking about those dates and which would work best for you & your guests.  The way this works is there's some menu options to choose from for an entree.  Adult beverages, you're on the hook for.  The fee, per person will probably be $25.  We do a "pot luck" dessert table as well.  For the "remote" participants, we'll setup either a Zoom meeting or a Facebook/YouTube Live broadcast, or something, so our remote folks can join in for the awards.  More details soon-ish.

On to week 14 folks!!  Keep grinding!  Get signed up for Sectionals!!  Boom! 💥

-- jrj

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