Winter Spot League - Week 14 update

Winter Spot League - Week 14 update


Week 14 is down and 1 more week to go!  Then it's "SHOWTIME"!

Here's the reports for this week:
Week ranking - just looking at the scores for week 14.
10 best scores ranking <---this is the big one!!  The overall results.
Handicap + weekly score ranking.
Number of official scores each has reported, to date.

We have 1 more week.  If you don't have 10 scores reported on "official" scoring weeks, either won't qualify for awards (when we do the final rankings and comparisons) OR can shoot the Southwest Indoor Sectional Championships and report your two (2) scores for that event as "official" scores.  
I've sent prior emails about that, so I'm not going into details here.

Good luck to those shooting Sectionals this week!!  Keep 'em in the ❎ !!

Vegas:  it's next week!  To those going....are you set?  You are!  It's all in the mind now!  Go forth and crush ❎'s!!!

The "Winter Spot League Dinner & Awards" night will be on Saturday, March 18th.  We will have the event at the Old City Hall Restaurant (7400 Monterey St. Gilroy, CA).  From 5:30PM to ~7:30/8:00PM. I will be posting a new form for you sign-up and make your dinner selections.  You are welcome to bring guests.  The fee will be $30 per person.  This includes tax + gratuity.  We will have a "pot-luck" dessert table as well.  Please get this on your calendar and plan to attend!  We always have a lot of fun and we hope you can make it.  Who knows, you might get an award!  For remote participants, we will have a Zoom meeting planned for the awards part, crossing our fingers this works!

Week 15 is our last week of "official" scoring (and the SW Sectional opportunity!).  Go make it happen.  Really lock it down!


-- jrj

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