Winter Spot League - Week 15 - The End

Winter Spot League - Week 15 - The End

Hi All,

We have reached the end of official scoring for the 2022-2023 Predator's Winter Spot League!  Congratulations!!

I hope that it's been a good experience for both the seasoned veterans and the first-timers! It's a good time to reflect on what you achieved and what's next.  

For this final week, here are the various rankings we've been providing each week:

Week 15 - ranking by weekly scores.
Accumulated Handicap ranking.
Ranking by 10 best scores.

What's what is next for us?  We will have the League Dinner & Award night on Saturday, March 18.  To participate in this event, please go to the event form and enter the information requested.  We need to get a head-count and what dinner plates you select.  The cost is $30 (includes tax + gratuity).  Details are on the event sign-up form.  

With regards to awards, we have several different categories!  We'll announce the various winners on the 18th.  🏆🎉

Those shooting @ The Vegas Shoot this week -->  GOOD LUCK!  Shoot your shot and most of all....enjoy the experience.  Just let it happen and enjoy!  

Questions?  Comments?  Let me know, please.
Be safe and be well!  

-- jrj

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