Winter Spot League - Week 3

Winter Spot League - Week 3

Hi League-ers!
This is your week 3 report!  I hope it was a productive & positive week for each of you.  Were you able to set a goal and achieve it?  If not, maybe ask yourself, “am I setting reasonable goals?”.

We have several new participants joining the ranks, so we wish to “welcome” them!  This has been one of the largest leagues we’ve had in a long time, so that’s AWESOME!  

Some highlights of the week:
* League Average ⬆️.  We went from 238.74 up to 248.03 this week.  Well done everyone!
* Perfect Score! The League’s FIRST perfect score of 300/30x by Paul Sibley!  Congratulations on great shooting Paul! ❎❎❎

* Score Reporter.  Please report your scores EACH week.  How?  Use this link:  Around the range @ Predator’s, there are printed sheets with a QR code on it.  Point your mobile phone’s camera at the QR code, you’ll see a “web link” show up.  Tap that link.  It’ll take you to the Score Reporter.
* Paper score-keepers.  A couple items for those keeping score when shooting an official scoring rounds:
1. Make sure to write the First-name + Last-name initial of each archer on the scoresheet.  We have folks that share the same first name.  
2. Write as legibly as possible.
* Help each other!  We have many participants that are new to this.  “Old timers”, be willing to answer questions, “new timers”, ask questions!
* Don't worry if you have scores missing for weeks 1 and/or 2.  Upcoming "Bye" weeks are the times when you can shoot a "make-up" or a "re-do".  Scores shot during "Bye" weeks will automatically get applied to missing scores and will replace scores of a lesser value.  How awesome is that?!

On to week 4.  What's the plan?  How will you get closer to your objectives?  You can do it!!  Booyah!

-- jrj (super annoying league admin)

Link to week 3 results, tap/click here.

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