Winter Spot League - Week 5

Winter Spot League - Week 5

Here are the results for week 5!

Link to the result.

Looking at the week, it appears our league wide average dropped a few points. 😢  So, we'll have to dig deep, dust ourselves off, and get back to it!  We can do it!

Please take a look at your scores and make sure they are correct.  The scorecards were tough this week.....and I still have people NOT submitting a weekly score to the Score Reporter.  So, I am going to instate the following rule:

If you don't submit a score in the Score Reporter, I'll just report a 0/0x for the week.  

🤯  So, yes, please get your score reported online.  I have links all over the range, I always post links here.  The link is the on the league info page, etc.  It's everywhere, so it shouldn't be hard to take care of.  😬

For Week 6, we have our 1st BYE week.  That means you are welcome to report multiple scores (again, via the Score Reporter) this week.  I will use the reported scores submitted for "BYE Week 6- week of Nov. 22, 2022" in the Score Reporter.  I will apply any scores submitted to fill in missing scores from prior weeks.  Any other scores will be used to replaces lower scores from prior weeks.

Predator's Archery will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, 11/24).  The ranges will be open on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday (or any other times you've already pre-arranged with Curtis).

Finally, a big congratulations to Lorenzo R. for his 300 score this week!  Enjoy your membership in this elite club!!

Questions?  Concerns?  Let me know!

-- jrj

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