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Aae Bitz Nock Receiver 4,5,6 Fletch

Aae Bitz Nock Receiver 4,5,6 Fletch


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The BITZ KNOB 456 is finished in a striking orange anodize and is not only a visual standout but also a tool for perfect vane alignment. Tested and approved by professional archers and craftsmen, the BITZ KNOB ensures exact vane spacing for 4,5,6 fletch configurations, providing versatility for any shooting style. It features three vane indexing options at 60 degrees, 72 degrees, and 90 degrees, ensuring consistent nock fit on both hunting and target nocks.

Features:Orange BITZ KNOB for precise vane spacing in 4,5,6 fletch configurations;Offers three vane indexing options: 60 degree, 72 degree, and 90 degree;Ensures consistent nock engagement for a reliable fit;Compatible with a wide range of nocks including: All AAE IP Nocks and Easton Supernock, Large G-Nock, G-pin, Large Pin, S-Nock, H-Nock, X-Nock, Beman Nock, NASP Nock, All Bohning Nocks, Small Groove insert: AAE Plastinock and Z-Nocks, Easton ? Microlite, Micro Super, Small G-Nock, Small Pin;Ideal for archers dedicated to testing, tinkering, and experimenting for perfect arrow setup
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