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Ams Lava Crux Ankor Fx Bowfishing Arrow


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The AnKor FX, with its AMS Cyclone tip has all the features that serious bowfishers need when on the water. Its lightweight design, stainless steel construction, collapsed barbs and short body offer great penetration. Fish removal is simple, just loosen the tip a couple turns to flip the barbs. Theres no need to completely remove the tip. It is an AMS engineered, patent pending, arrow shaft that provides more spine for a superior shot. The ultra-light Lava Crux carbon core with fiberglass wrapped exterior ensures that the carbon cannot splinter or break. These arrows are recommended for those shooting at higher draw weight and for those wanting to use the best available arrow shafts. Each shaft is 5/16 in diameter and 32 long.

Features:AMS Cyclone tip;Carbon core with fiberglass wrapped exterior;Simple fish removal

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