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Bohning Crest-lac Paint Yellow Pint

Bohning Crest-lac Paint Yellow Pint


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Water-based Crest-Lac paints produce a glossy, durable finish and improves fletching adhesion. Formulated specifically for cresting and dipping arrows, with optimal flow and leveling so brush marks don't show when dry, and non-bleeding properties that achieve crisp edges on even the finest cresting stripes. A new coating technology that prevents Crest-Lac from separating as quickly as other water-based paints, also allowing Crest-Lac to be easily mixed back to a perfect consistency. Crest-Lac is an acrylic, water-based paint (no VOC) that dries in 24-36 hours, depending on the humidity present in the drying area. Safe for Air, Ocean, or Ground transport. Pro Tip: If thinning use distilled water NOT paint thinner.

Features:Acrylic water based paint;Glossy durable finish;Dries in 24-36 hour period;3 pint can
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