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Carbon Express Maxima Red Sd Shafts 250 1 Doz.

Carbon Express

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Designed with a smaller diameter to deliver improved penetration and reduced wind drift while maintaining broadhead accuracy. Stiffer front end of the arrow repositions arrow flex to the Red Zone and reduces oscillation on the front end to make broadheads shoot more consistently. Straightness tolerance of +-.0025", Weight tolerance +-1 gr. Available in sizes 250 (.403" spine, 8.3 GPI) and 350 (.335" spine, 9.4 GPI). Includes nocks, BullDog nock collars, and inserts.

Features:Smaller diameter;Improved penetration and reduced wind drift;Designed to keep flex to the Red Zone for better broadhead accuracy;Includes BullDog nock collars, inserts, and nocks

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