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Easton Sonic 6.0 Shafts 400 1 Doz.

Easton Sonic 6.0 Shafts 400 1 Doz.


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TheEastonSonic 6.0 isa 6mmhigh-performancehunting arrowengineeredwith high-performance speedandhunting accuracyin mind. The Sonic 6.0 is builtfrom scratch in the USAusing Easton's seamlessAcu-Carbon process for 100% weight and spine consistency from shaft to shaftand fromdozen to dozen. Lighter overall mass weightalsoprovides for a wider-range of arrow build options; from light-weight speed setups to high-FOC/high-momentumheavyweights.

Features:6mm ST Inserts included (18 grains);6mm reduced-diameter 100% carbon-fiber construction;Factory helical fletched w/2" Bully Vanes;Pre-installed 6mm nocks;Straightness +/- .003"
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