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Easton Superdrive Micro Shafts 475 1 Doz.


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Easto's new Superdrive Micro 4mm arrow is the latest addition to the popular Superdrive family of products. The Superdrive Micro is Easton'shighest performingall-carbon arrow designed forall-purpose outdoortournament usefrom target to field to 3D.Engineered to provide the lightestgrain-per-inch weightspossiblein a givenspine range, the Superdrive Micro will maximize your shooting range and minimize your pin gaps, allowing for higher velocities both out of the bow andtighter gapsdownrange.

Features:Specifically engineered for outdoor competition ;Weight Tolerance: +/- 1.0 grain ;Straightness +/- .002" ;GPI: 6.4gr;Nock Pin Adapter: #3

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