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Excalibur Charger Lite Crank

Excalibur Charger Lite Crank


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This accessory dramatically reduces the effort required to draw the crossbow and assures consistent string alignment. The Excalibur Charger Lite Crossbow Cocking Aid detaches in seconds and can be carried separately in a pack or pocket. Manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloys, this crank machined to tight tolerances is durable.

Features:Dramatically reduces the draw effort to as little as 12 pounds;The quick detach system allows for quick mounting and can be removed in seconds;The ambidextrous handle can be used for either right or left-hand shooters;The Fail-Safe Strap will add support and security, allowing you to quietly and safely de-cock your Excalibur;Fits most Excalibur models made after 2008
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