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Gold Tip Nitro Crossbow Bolts 22 In. Moon Nocks 6 Pk.

Gold Tip

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A heavier weight and stiffer spine make this bolt perfectly suited for high draw weight, high speed bows. Features a straightness tolerance of +-.005” and a weight tolerance of +- 2 grains. Shafts weight 13.9 GPI. Available in 20” and 22” lengths. Includes brass inserts and aluminum nocks. Factory fletched with 4 in. vanes. Finished weight of 490 gr. (20") or 518 gr. (22") with 100 gr. point.

Heavier weight carbon bolt built with a stiffer spine for high energy crossbows
Straightness tolerance: +-.005"
Weight tolerance: +-2 gr.
Factory fletched with 4 in. vanes

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