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Nap Quikfletch Hellfire White-orange-orange 2 In. 6 Pk

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The Quickfletch Hellfire is designed for the fastest bows. Developed to provide the ultimate in accuracy and quietness. The patented NAP vane technology stabilizes the arrow better and provides increased long range accuracy. The Quickfletch system will crest and fletch any size arrow; carbon or aluminum in about ten seconds. If you can boil water then fletching an arrow is no longer out of the question if at home or at camp. Simply dip in hot water and you have a perfectly fletched arrow ready to go. Right offset fletch. Total weight is 33 grain, total length is 5.5” and the vane profile is 0.53”.

Designed for the fastest bows
Developed to provide the ultimate in accuracy and quietness
Stabilizes the arrow better
Provides increased long range accuracy

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