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Sabre Tactical Pepper Gel With Flip Top And Holster


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SABRE Red pepper gel is trusted by law enforcement and civilians around the globe. This max-strength gel uses an upgraded formula to virtually eliminate wind blowback and only affect the intended target. This improved formula also delivers 20% greater range and eliminates the failure rates associated with other sprays. The included belt holster and flip top safety provide quick access while still preventing accidental discharge. This gel contains 18 bursts of gel for protection against multiple threats and has an effective range of 18 feet. The packaging contains link to free training videos and online safety tips.

Features:Does not atomize like traditional pepper spray, virtually eliminating wind blowback and offering 20% greater range - 18 foot effective range ;Max-strength formula maximizes stopping power, eliminates traditional failure rates, includes UV marking dye aids for suspect identification ;Flip top design deploys pepper spray quickly and easily while also preventing accidental discharge;Belt holster helps the pepper gel be ready at a moment's notice;Contains 18 bursts for protection against multiple threats

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