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Sureloc Rhythm Rest Micro Adjust


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Combination of carbon rods and aluminum construction with an ultra-light design. Carbon-fiber length adjustment rods are not only lightweight but are extremely rigid, to prevent flexing or movement, upon the shot and while providing infinite adjustment. The rest can be custom fit depending on the shooters set up style. Has horizontal and vertical adjustments, having the ability to tune the rest perfectly to the bow and shooters style. Comes lizard-tongue blade, and the angle can be adjusted between 0-90 degrees. Package includes the following blades .008, .010 and .012 inch-thick blades. Can be set up for RH or LH shooters.

Features:Carbon rods and aluminum construction;Light weight and rigid;Horizontal and vertical adjustments;Lizard tongue blade with angle adjuystment 0-90 degrees;Set up for righthand or lefthand shooter

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