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Trophy Ridge React V5 Sight Black 5 Pin .019 Rh

Trophy Ridge

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Trophy Ridge aligned five pins vertically for the least obstructive view ever out of a 5 pin sight with their React V5 Sight. React Technology calculates pin gap up to 60 yards based on the distance between your 20 yard pin and any other yardage. Once you set two yardage pins, you're ready to shoot through the entire range of your bow. Ballistix copolymer construction is as strong as aluminum while shedding 25 percent of the weight. The patented contrast Glo Ring with Spectral Distribution Technology help you align the peep to the sight ring. Tool less windage and elevation adjustments eliminate the need to carry a hex key into the field. Rheostat light allows increased pin visibility. 2nd axis leveling.

Vertically aligned pins
Calculates marks out to 60 yards
Ballistix copolymer construction
2nd axis leveling
Tool-less windage/elevation adjustment

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