And the Winners Are ...

And the Winners Are ...

Winter League 2023/2024 is long done.

We apologize for the delay on results. Life happens and interrupts the flow. Thanks for your participation throughout the year but especially during indoor season. We appreciate your commitment to the sport and your ongoing development as an archer! We especially appreciate your support to Predators Archery!

All results were determined using the handicapped formula. Any questions should be directed to Curtis. All winners please drop by the shop to receive your prize!


Freestyle Limited

1. Lorenzo Rodriguez

2. Tep Sathya Khieu

3. Kevin Tanner


Freestyle Limited Recurve

1. Jason Jay



1. Winston Wang

2. Katherine Li

3. Hoam Lee


Bowhunter Freestyle

1. Thovatey Tep

2. Chris Gallagher

3. Ahmed Moussa


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