Predator's Archery Winter Spot League

Score Reporter:

October 2022 - January 2023 (15-WEEKS)

When: League will begin the week of October 18th. It will end on Saturday, January 27th. There will be 3 “bye” weeks for the holidays (weeks of Nov. 20, Dec. 25, Jan. 1).

Cost: There is a one-time buy-in of $150. This covers the league fee + range use for the duration of the league. The buy-in fee must be paid on or before the week of Oct. 18th.

Registration for participation is here: Winter Spot League Registration.
Purchase the buy-in online here: Winter Spot League Participant Buy-in.
League flyer is here:  League Flyer.

Who can participate? Everyone! This is open to all archer experience levels. From the, “I’ve never done this”, to the professional archer! There are a lot of good people involved in the league that will help everyone along the way.

Equipment classes: There will be four (4) classes consisting of multiple similar styles:
• Freestyle (FS)
• Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS)
• Barebow/Traditional
• Freestyle Limited/Freestyle Limited Recurve/FITA

Shooting Nights & Scores:
• The range will be open to league participants each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Participants choose which day they want to shoot on.  Space is limited and is available on a "first come, first served" basis.

On Shooting Days, the ranges will be open: 
• 6:00pm for practice/warm-ups. Scoring will start at 7:00pm.

• Other times can be arranged for groups of 3+ participants. 
• To qualify for end of league awards, a participants must submit 10 scores

Participants MUST report their weekly score by 7:00PM on Saturday of the scoring week.  
The weekly Score Reporter can be found here:  League Score Reporter

Participant Ranking: Participants will always shoot a standard Vegas round each week. However, there will be different ways to rank participants:
• Handicap scores - we will apply handicap to scores and rank handicap’d scores.
• Raw scores - this is the raw score you shoot, and we’ll rank participants based on their raw scores.
• Results & Ranking will be posted each week.

General Rules:
NFAA Vegas 300 round rules will be used. Basic rules include the following:
• Shooting position will be at 20 yards for ALL participants (all ages, all genders, all equipment divisions)
• Either a 40cm single spot target face or a Vegas 3-spot target face will be used.
• A 60cm target can be used by Cub, Youth, and Young Adult recurve archers.
• We will use the dual face Vegas target and archers can switch target faces (single-spot or three-spot) at any time during practice rounds and competition.
• Arrow shaft must be touching the line for the higher score.
• X’s will be counted and used as tie breakers.
• Targets will be swapped at half-time (if you started on top, your target moves to the bottom and vice versa).
• League participants are responsible for ensuring that their scores on the league score sheets are accurate and recorded on the scoresheet at the end of the night.
League participants are responsible for reporting their scores EACH WEEK by 7:00PM Saturday via the online reporting form.
• If you know that you will not be able to submit a score for the next week (e.g. vacation), you may shoot an additional score with league admin notification prior to shooting the score.
• Scores obtained outside of official league nights must be verified and submitted by Saturday night 7:00pm the same week.
• You must submit at least 10 official scores to be qualified for awards. A cumulative average score will be provided when no score is submitted for the week.
• You may shoot multiple league nights (if space is available), however the score you submit online (via the league score reporting form) is the score that will be recorded for the week.
• In the event of equipment failure during a scoring round have your partial scorecard initialed by a Predator’s employee verifying the failure; make a note that there was an equipment failure; and turn in the scores as normal. You will be allowed to re-shoot the round to turn in a score, however the deadline for the weekly score submissions is still in effect unless you have league admin approval.
• All league participants will be invited to the league awards dinner regardless of status (dropped out, disqualified for awards, etc). Everyone attending the dinner will be responsible for their own bill. Location, costs, date, and time of the dinner will be determined BEFORE the league’s completion. We will try to make every reasonable accommodation to ensure everyone can participate in the dinner by planning early.
• The “League Admins” will be the deciding entity for any rule changes or disputes.