Week 7 and Handicap/10 Week Score Rankings

Week 7 and Handicap/10 Week Score Rankings


Here are your results through Week 7 of Winter League scores.

Your raw scores are shown within your Equipment Division. All scores from the Score Reporter AND paper scores have been added. If there are any questions or errors please email directly. It's a lot of numbers!

HANDICAP SCORES - The scores were then ranked per handicap scores to make this all a little more fair for those of you who are really trying hard but the 300 still eludes you. 

Handicap scores are determined by 80% of the average differential. That means, we take your average, subtract it from 300 (a perfect score) to determine a differential. Then take 80% of that value and that is a participants handicap. That is then added to the raw score for the handicap score. 

Why a handicap? Well as in any sport where a handicap is used (e.g. gold, bowling, etc.) the purpose is to try to level the playing field when you have people with a range of skills and abilities. It allows archers who want to score higher and compete with those that do.

10 BEST SCORES - In addition, shown are the 10 best scores per division.

So aim and shoot your shot! You got this!


Handicap Scoring


10 Best Scores per Division


PS Thank You Jeff Jenkins for setting up the cells for all of our rankings!


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