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30-06 Crossbow Sighting Target

30-06 Crossbow Sighting Target


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The Crossbow Sighting Target is designed to dial in long-distance accuracy at only 20 yards. This target is tailored for crossbows shooting at speeds between 280-500 fps, facilitating easy and accurate long-distance sighting. Not only does it cut down on lost arrows by providing clear aim points, but it also ensures field-proven accuracy. Archers can now enjoy peace of mind regarding safety and precision. Its design and functionality make it an essential tool for both novice and experienced crossbow enthusiasts aiming to enhance their shooting prowess.

Features:Crossbow Sighting Target;Enables long-distance dialing at only 20 yards;Suitable for crossbows with speeds of 280-500 fps;Promotes easy and accurate long-distance sighting;Reduces the likelihood of losing arrows;Ensures field-proven accuracy for reliable shooting;Offers peace of mind for safety during use
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