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30-06 Recurve /longbow Stringer

30-06 Recurve /longbow Stringer


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The 30-06 Recurve/Longbow Stringer is an essential tool for traditional archers, facilitating the safe and efficient stringing of both recurve and longbows. This durable stringer helps to maintain the integrity of your bow by eliminating the risk of twisting limbs, which can occur with manual stringing methods. The stringer is designed with strong, non-slip fabric, providing a secure grip on the bow limbs, and is adjustable to fit a variety of bow sizes. Its simplicity and reliability make it a must-have accessory for archers dedicated to the care and longevity of their equipment.

Features:30-06 Recurve/Longbow Stringer tool;Ideal for safely stringing recurve and longbows;Prevents twisting of limbs during stringing;Made with durable, non-slip fabric for a secure grip;Adjustable to accommodate different bow sizes;Essential for maintaining bow integrity and longevity
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