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Aae Airazr 26 Vanes Black 50 Pk.

Aae Airazr 26 Vanes Black 50 Pk.


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These vanes are not only lightweight and stiff but also incredibly fast and exceptionally quiet, making them the ideal choice for hunting and 3D archery. The AIRAZR design eliminates the need for any prep work?just attach it to a clean arrow with a quality adhesive like MAX BOND for instant use. Each vane weighs 7gr and is engineered to provide rapid fletching even with extreme offset and helical setups. The AIRAZR 26 comes in bags of 50 pieces, ensuring you have enough to keep your arrows flying true for many sessions to come.

Features:Product Name: AIRAZR 26 Vanes by AAE;Features: Lightweight, Stiff, Quiet Design;Preparation: No Preparation Required for Attachment;Suitability: Suitable for Hunting and 3D Archery;Weight: Each Vane Weighs 7 Grams for Consistency;Packaging: Sold in Bags of 50 Pieces;Adhesion: Adheres Easily with Quality Adhesive (MAX BOND Recommended)
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