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Aae Airazr Pro Vanes Sand 50 Pk.

Aae Airazr Pro Vanes Sand 50 Pk.


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These vanes are meticulously engineered to be lightweight, stiff, and extremely quiet, addressing the long-standing challenge of achieving reliable adhesion in high-performance vanes. The AIRAZR material ensures rapid fletching and exceptional durability without any prep work required?just apply a quality adhesive to a clean arrow shaft. Each vane is meticulously crafted to fletch fast and easy even with extreme offset and helical configurations. With a weight of just 4.3 grams each, the AIRAZR Pro vanes are ready to enhance your archery experience with their superior construction and performance.

Features:Product Name: AIRAZR Pro Vanes by AAE;Suitability: Ideal for Hunting and 3D Archery;Design: Lightweight and Stiff for Optimal Flight Performance;Noise Reduction: Extremely Quiet, Reducing Detection by Game;Preparation: No Prep Required, Just a Clean Arrow Needed for Application;Adhesion: Adheres Quickly with Adhesive;Weight: Each Vane Weighs 4.3 Grams for Balanced Flight;Packaging: Sold in Bags of 50 Pieces
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