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Aae Hybrid 40 Vanes Hot Pink 50 Pk.

Aae Hybrid 40 Vanes Hot Pink 50 Pk.


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Measuring 3.80 inches long and 0.50 inches high, with a grain weight of 10.6, AAE's Hybrid 40 Vanes are engineered for optimal flight and stability. Made with the industry-leading Plastifletch "Lick & Stick" material and a factory-applied activator, they are designed for the ultimate ease in fletching. The Hybrid 40 vanes feature AAE's new Base Dynamics design, ensuring improved arrow stabilization. Known for their tough material that provides great instant adhesion, a glue-activating base, and excellent memory and durability, each pack promises quality performance for archers seeking the very best.

Features:Length: 3.80";Height: 0.50";Grain Weight: 10.6;Plastifletch "Lick & Stick" material for easy application;New Base Dynamics design for better stabilization;Available colors: Black, Blue, Bright Green, Gray, Fire Orange, Hot Pink, OD Green, Purple, Red, Sand, Sunset Gold, Teal, White, Yellow;Pack quantity: 50 vanes;Offers excellent adhesion, memory, and durability
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