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Aae Hybrid Phnx Vanes White 50 Pk.

Aae Hybrid Phnx Vanes White 50 Pk.


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These vanes are designed for use with traditional bows, offering the benefits of shooting off the shelf with exceptional accuracy and quiet operation. The 3.75" shield cut vane mimics the characteristics of a feather, providing a natural flight and feel, but with the adhesive ease of a synthetic vane requiring no prep before use. Each vane weighs 10 grains and measures 3.5" in length and 0.5" in height, ensuring minimal impact on arrow dynamics while maximizing stability and precision.

Features:Size: 3.5" long x 0.5" high;Shield cut design;Weight: 10 grains each, optimizing flight dynamics without sacrificing speed;Designed specifically for traditional bows;Feather-like performance with the durability and ease of a synthetic vane;No prep adhesive technology for quick and reliable application;Packaged in bags of 50 pieces
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