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Aae Max 2.0 Shield Cut Vanes Bright Green 50 Pk.

Aae Max 2.0 Shield Cut Vanes Bright Green 50 Pk.


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The AAE MAX 2.0 Shield Cut vanes have a length of 2.0 inches and a height of .38 inches, with a grain weight of 3.9, making them ideal for those who prefer a shorter profile without sacrificing control. The tough material ensures great instant adhesion, although a Primer Pen is required for proper adhesion. These vanes offer excellent visibility and are renowned for their memory and durability. Each pack contains 50 vanes, ensuring ample supply for avid archers dedicated to precision and consistency in their shooting.

Features:Length: 2.0";Height: 0.38";Grain Weight: 3.9;Requires Primer Pen for optimal adhesion;Available in various colors: Black, Blue, Bright Green, Gray, Fire Orange, Hot Pink, OD Green, Purple, Red, Sand, Sunset Gold, Teal, White, Yellow;Quantity: 50 per pack;Noted for excellent memory and durability;Ideal for archers prioritizing both visibility and performance
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