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B3 Draw Closed Hook Release Crocodile Green

B3 Draw Closed Hook Release Crocodile Green


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For archers seeking a blend of security and quick action in 2024, the B3 Draw Closed Hook Release delivers with its closed hook design. This feature ensures a secure connection to the bowstring. The fully radiused handle offers a comfortable and steady grip, whether you prefer a 3 or 4 finger base. Precision comes from the travel adjustments and a hardened 440C stainless steel sear. The release's multi-location thumb peg provides customizable comfort and control. The patented lock and load system, combined with a springless internal design, guarantees a smooth, consistent draw every time.

Features:Closed hook design for secure string connection;Travel adjustments for precise control;Fully radiused handle for a natural feel;Hardened 440C stainless steel sear for durability;Multi-location thumb peg for grip customization;Options for a 3 or 4 finger base handle;Adjustable handle design for personalized comfort;Patented lock and load system for ease of use;Springless internal design for consistent performance;Hand-polished stainless steel hook for smooth releases
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