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B3 Exoskeletal Destrukt 4 Broadhead 100 Gr. 4 Blade 3 Pk.

B3 Exoskeletal Destrukt 4 Broadhead 100 Gr. 4 Blade 3 Pk.


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The B3 Exoskeletal Destrukt 4 Broadhead features a pioneering design with a 1 3/16" four-blade cut for enhanced penetration. Crafted entirely from stainless steel with .039" thick 440C blades, this broadhead combines a proprietary locking mechanism with a 100-grain fixed head for precision. Each pack includes three broadheads plus a practice tip, engineered for silence and accuracy at extended ranges.

Features:1 3/16" cutting diameter for a substantial impact;Four-blade design for efficient cutting;Made from 100% stainless steel for durability;.039" thick 440C stainless steel blades;Unique blade locking design for secure blade placement;100-grain fixed blade broadhead;Razor-sharp blades with a micro steel head and bone-smashing tip;Comes in a 3-pack with a practice tip included;Curved blade design for deeper penetration and cleaner cuts
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