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B3 Hawk Pro Release Black Flex Connector

B3 Hawk Pro Release Black Flex Connector


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The B3 Hawk Pro Flex is a cutting-edge release aid designed for the modern archer. It showcases a 440C stainless steel open hook and a larger diameter knurl trigger for fine-tuned travel adjustments. The auto-return hook and trigger ensure seamless d-loop engagement without delays. This release is all about comfort and adaptability, with a new padded wrist strap and a patented flex connector that allows for infinite length adjustment, ensuring a perfect hand fit. The Hawk Pro Flex stands out as the simplest yet most efficient open hook release system on the market.

Features:440C stainless steel open hook for durability and precision;Auto hook and trigger return for consistent performance;Adjustable travel with a larger diameter knurl for a personalized feel;New padded strap ensures wrist comfort;Infinite length adjustment via patented flex connector;Easy-to-adjust for any hand size
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