Big Shot Iron Man 650 Tenpoint Edition

Big Shot Iron Man 650 Tenpoint Edition

Big Shot

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Meet the BIGshot Ironman 650 Tenpoint, the ultimate target for high-kinetic, high-speed Tenpoint crossbows. This target is engineered to withstand the force of bolts flying at speeds up to 650 FPS, thanks to its 5-stage multi-layered aramid core designed for extreme stopping power. The Ironman stuffing is not only robust but also allows for easy bolt removal, offering a high compression design that ensures durability and longevity. With 95 shooting points, it's the ideal practice target for both crossbows and compounds. The Ironman 650 is specifically tailored for field point use, making it a reliable and essential tool for serious archers focused on precision and power.

Features:Designed for high-kinetic, high-speed Tenpoint crossbows;5-stage multi-layered aramid core for stopping power;Rated for 650 FPS;High compression and easy bolt removal;95 shooting points;For field point use with crossbows and compounds;Dimensions: 20H x 20W x 14D
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