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Black Eagle Talon Crested Shafts .003 500 1 Doz.

Black Eagle Talon Crested Shafts .003 500 1 Doz.

Black Eagle

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The Black Eagle Talon Crested Shafts are engineered for archers who demand performance and precision. Made from top-grade carbon fiber with a vibrant yellow crest, these shafts come in various spines to suit different archery needs. Their meticulous sorting ensures straightness and a balanced weight for impeccable accuracy, making them ideal for both hunting and competitive shooting.

Features:High-quality carbon fiber construction;Yellow cresting for visibility;Spine: 500;Inner Diameter: .2445";Outer Diameter: .286";Grains Per Inch (GPI): 6.8;Straightness tolerance of .003";Weight tolerance of +/- 1 grain;Length: 32"
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