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Bohning Black Sky Vane 2 In. Red 100 Pk.

Bohning Black Sky Vane 2 In. Red 100 Pk.


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The Black Sky 2.0 Crossbow Vane is designed for crossbow bolts to stabilize them for up to 100 yards. Its made of an ultra-stiff material that prevents vane flutter for a smooth bolt rotation and a quiet flight. The Black Sky Vanes ultra-stiff material is durable enough to withstand the high velocities of modern crossbows. Recommended to use an instant glue and/or a fletching jig with high adhesion force.

Features:2.0? (50.8mm) in length;0.53? (13.5mm) in height;Average 6.1 grains (395 mg) weight;Pre-primed for optimal adhesion.
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