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Covert Optics Thermx Hs1 Thermal Black

Covert Optics Thermx Hs1 Thermal Black


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HS1 is the ideal solution for both bowhunters and the greater hunting to use for game recovery and predator detection with a feature-rich interface in a compact design. Bringing large-scale use from a small package the HS1 features a simple to use interface with a variety of palette and brightness options to fit different lighting and ambient temperature situations. The unit is also weapons mountable and included the ability to adjust windage and elevation for precision sighting. A simple 3-button control system provides easy navigation of the units various features and options as displayed on the high-resolution OLED display. The medium field of view provided the largest amount of versatility across a wide range of uses while optimizing observation, detection and recognition in a lightweight compact unit.

Features:Lepton 3.5 micro core sensor with 160x120 sensor resolution, and a 9hz frame rate;1.5" OLED color display with 160x128 resolution;4 Color modes (White-Hot, Black-Hot, Green, and Multi Color;FOV - 14 degrees;Ultem housing and Germanium Lens in an Aluminum body;Size 4.3 x 2 x 1.5;Weight 4.3 oz.;1x CR123 Battery included;Made in USA
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