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Dave Smith Decoy Breeding Pair Decoy

Dave Smith Decoy Breeding Pair Decoy

Dave Smith Decoys

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Dave Smith Decoys delivers the Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys, a spicy little couple that will make nearby toms hopping mad. Place the subordinate jake on the motion stake facing toward the rear of the submissive hen and kick back. This lifelike breeding pair ignites a mature toms instincts, making it jealous and aggressive. As the tom comes in, hell be so focused on letting the young jake know whos the boss, you will have ample opportunity to take your shot. Built out of a sprayed, pigmented, ultradurable A.C.E. resin, the specialized bodies reseal their own surfaces. Tough enough to withstand repeated attacks from aggressive turkeys as well as stray pellets. Lightweight, compact and quiet.

Features:Breeding pair;Lightweight, compact and quiet;Can withstand a shotgun blast or a broadhead with little to no visible wear to the surface and no affect to the decoys shape
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