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Domain Beet Down Seed 1/4 Acre

Domain Beet Down Seed 1/4 Acre


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Beet Down offers a special variety of sugar beet designed to provide tons of nutrient-rich forage in the early season and extreme attraction as the temperatures drop in the late season. Beet Down is best planted on its own and can provide a hardy crop that can adapt to a variety of growing conditions. Planted in the spring or early summer, beet down will mature in 90 to 100 days and can provide 10-15 tons of forage per acre (in optimal growing conditions). While it doesnt handle competition well, once established beet down will provide high protein leafy greens for early season attraction and highly digestible tap roots packed with energy for late season. Cold weather will help increase the sugar content of the tap roots and attractiveness to deer, but expect Beet Down to provide plenty of attraction all fall long. Domain utilizes a special coating material on all beet down seeds to help improve germination and yieldwhich allow you to maximize forage production and attractiveness to deer.

Features:1 jug (2 lbs.) = 1/4 acre;Domain brand sugar beets (coated for improved germination & yield);Annual;full or partial sun, open areas, Well-drained;PH range: 6.2 7.0;Soil type: well-drained, dark/rich;tilling: tilled, plowed, disked or hand-raked soil;Seed depth: 1/4 or less
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