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Domain Sugar Momma Seed 1/2 Acre

Domain Sugar Momma Seed 1/2 Acre


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Sugar Momma provides a premier cold season food plot with varieties of turnip, rape and kale for extreme fall and winter attraction and two varieties of clover and chicory to add year-round forage and protein. With one planting sugar momma is designed to provide food on a year-round basis with brassicas intended for fast growth and cold season forage and perennials designed for year-round high protein forage. Sugar momma can last up to 3+ years and is the perfect food plot choice if you have one food plot on your property that needs to handle graze pressure, attract deer and feed them year round.

Features:1 jug (3.25 lbs.) = 1/2 acre;Plant varieties:turnip - rape - kale - clovers chicory;Annuals & perennials;Full or partial sun, hunt plot, backwoods plot;PH range: 6.0 - 7.0;soil type: well-drained, dark/rich, sandy, rocky, clay-based;Minimal tilling required, plow, disk or hand rake;Seed depth: 1/4 or less
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