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Easton 5mm Axis Arrows With Half Outs 340 6 Pk.

Easton 5mm Axis Arrows With Half Outs 340 6 Pk.


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The 5MM AXIS arrows are engineered with 5MM small-diameter uniform ACU-CARBON, they provide advanced precision and penetration. Each arrow is equipped with pre-installed 5MM (X) nocks and features factory helical fletched 2" Blazer Vanes for optimal flight stability. The inclusion of 5MM Aluminum 8-32 Half-out inserts offers versatility for customization, while maintaining a strict straightness tolerance of .003" for consistent accuracy. This model is crafted to cater to both seasoned archers and those who demand the very best for their equipment.

Features:5MM AXIS: small-diameter, uniform ACU-CARBON construction;Comes with pre-installed 5MM (X) nocks;Factory fletched with 2" Blazer Vanes in a helical pattern;Includes 5MM HIT-8-32 inserts OR 5MM aluminum half-out inserts;Straightness tolerance: .003";Made in the USA;5MM Aluminum 8-32 Half-out: 25 grains;5MM X Nock: 9 grains;Pack Size:6
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