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Easton 5mm Axis Shafts With Half Outs 340 1 Doz.

Easton 5mm Axis Shafts With Half Outs 340 1 Doz.


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The Easton 5MM AXIS arrows are professional-grade archery equipment designed for accuracy. They feature a small-diameter carbon core for reduced wind drift and tough 7075-alloy metal jackets. The pre-installed components include 5MM HIT Inserts and 5MM X Nocks, ensuring readiness for use. These arrows come with helically fletched vanes for optimal flight stability and are available in various sizes to match different archery needs.

Features:5MM micro (X) diameter for a smaller profile;Harder-hitting capability for significant impact;Increased penetration with more pass-throughs;Small diameter with a thick-wall carbon-fiber core;High-strength N-FUSED carbon core with 7075 alloy metal jacket;Easy removal from high-density targets;Guaranteed straightness of .001";Weight tolerance within 1 grains;Pre-installed 5 mm X Nocks weighing 9 grains;5 mm HIT Inserts weighing 16 grains;Size: 340;Shaft Weight (GPI): 10.3;Spine at 28? Span (Deflection in Inches): 0.340;Stock Length (Inches): 34";Field Point (O.D. Inches): 5/32;Match Grade HIT Collar (Size): 3;O.D. Half Out (Size): #2;5mm HIT 8-32 inserts included (16 grains);Pre-installed 5mm X Nocks (9 grains);Match Grade HIT Collar included (13-18 grains);Straightness: .001";Fletched with AAE Hybrid 2" helical fletched vanes;Spine at 28? Span: 0.340;Stock Length: 34";Field Point: 5/32;Includes 5mm Aluminum Half-out (not Match Grade);Straightness: +/- .003"
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