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Easton 5mm Fmj Arrows With Half Outs 400 6 Pk.

Easton 5mm Fmj Arrows With Half Outs 400 6 Pk.


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Elevate your archery with Easton's FMJ arrows, available in a versatile range of spine options to match your shooting needs: 250, 300, 340, 400, and 500, each in 6-pack sets. These arrows, finished in a sleek black and fitted with 2" Blazer vanes for optimal flight stability, cater to a spectrum of draw weights and bow types. With half-out inserts, they offer a balance of speed and penetration, making them ideal for both competitive archers and hunting enthusiasts who require consistent performance and reliable precision.

Features:Easton Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Arrows;Available spine options: 250 (6-pack), 300 (6-pack), 340 (6-pack), 400 (6-pack), 500 (6-pack);Each pack includes 2" Blazer vanes;Each arrow is equipped with Half-Out inserts;Color: Black
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