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Flex Fletch Silent Knight Vanes Flo Blue 3 In. 36 Pk.

Flex Fletch Silent Knight Vanes Flo Blue 3 In. 36 Pk.

Flex Fletch

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The Flex-Fletch Silent Knight Vanes are the quintessential choice for archers aiming for stealth and precision. At 3 inches long and weighing just 6.8 grains, these vanes are engineered to cut through the air quietly, offering an exceptional flight path and minimal noise, proven by independent sound studies. The unique Sliqtra cured memory resin adds to their toughness and the ability to retain shape, making them perfect for colder climates.

Features:3" Silent Knight Vanes for quieter flight and better stability;Design: 30 percent thinner for improved arrow velocity;Material: Made of Sliqtra resin for durability and memory retention;Weight: 6.8 grains for lightweight performance;Color Options: Available to suit personal preferences;Quantity: Pack of 36 vanes;Suitability: Suitable for broadhead and target applications;Origin: Made in the USA
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