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Hamskea Everest Arrow Rest Mathews Bracket Lh

Hamskea Everest Arrow Rest Mathews Bracket Lh


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The Epsilon Arrow Rest with Mathews Approved Bracket is a precision archery accessory designed to optimize your shot. Its C.O.R. Mount Technology ensures center shot alignment, while the compact Hamskea platform reduces quiver interference and boosts stability. Featuring a detent micro-tune system for precise adjustments, Zero Tolerance Technology for lateral movement elimination, and a robust picatinny clamping system, it?s tailored for top-notch performance. Added benefits include a noise-dampening rebound dampener, versatile limb activation options, and the opportunity for custom engraving, making it an excellent choice for archers dedicated to precision and personalization.

Features:Compatible with 2020 or newer bows with a 0.9? riser thickness;Weight: 4.6 ounces;C.O.R Mount Technology for centered arrow positioning;Compact platform design;In-line rest behind the riser to eliminate quiver interference;Detent micro-tune for windage and vertical adjustments;Picatinny clamping system for secure and precise fit;Configurable for top limb, bottom limb, or cable-driven activation;Zero Tolerance Technology eliminates lateral shaft movement;Three stainless steel ball bearings for platform stability;Noise-reducing elastomeric Rebound Dampener;Cord Clamp Tensioner for reliable control;Launcher torsion spring and angle adjustment for optimal functionality;Delta V Arrow Guide and Riser Mounted Arrow Guide included
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