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Montana Decoy Purr-fect Pair Xd Decoy Combo

Montana Decoy

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This package includes both Jake and Miss Purrfect XD decoys. They have been upgraded with an all new fabric that better replicates the natural iridescence of turkey feathers while still allowing it to be compressed for easy transport. The addition of taxidermy eyes adds another level of realism. The included zippered stuff pouch makes carrying the folded decoy easy. Perfect Pose Technology allows the decoy to be in feeder, looker or breeder/brawler pose.

Features:New fabric better replicates the natural iridescence of turkey feathers;Taxidermy eyes for likelike realism;Can be placed in feeder, looker or brawler/breeder pose;Zippered carry pouch for easy compressing and portability (also includes compression straps);Weighs 22 oz each

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