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Moultrie Deer Magnet Attractant Peanut 5 Lbs.

Moultrie Deer Magnet Attractant Peanut 5 Lbs.


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Moultries Peanut Butter Granular Attractant combines the powerful smell of PowerDraw with the high protein and fat content of roasted peanuts. This product is made with corn, roasted peanuts, rice bran and cereal grains. These potent ingredients draw deer from long distances and keeps them coming back. The high-fat and high-protein grains make it a healthy treat for deer. The blend has a 15.5% crude protein, 8.5% crude fat, and 13% calcium formula. Mix this attractant with other feeds in a gravity feeder or use on the ground.

Features:High-protein and high-fat attractant;Granular blend of roasted peanuts, corn, rice bran and cereal grains;Includes PowerDraw - a potent extended-range formula that deer prefer;Mix with other feeds, use in gravity feeder or pour on the ground;Attracts and holds deer on your property
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