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October Mountain Mountaineer Dusk Recurve Bow 62 In. 55 Lbs. Rh

October Mountain

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Features the same riser design as the Mountaineer 2.0 with a modern air. Crafted with dymondwood for aesthetic appeal and performance. Limbs are constructed with bamboo wood for strength and flexibility, providing quick recovery and speed. Reinforced limb tips offer Fast Flight string compatibility. The three-piece take-down recurve bow is equipped with sight, plunger, and stabilizer bushings. Also includes a B55 Flemish string and flat head limb bolts.

Features:Slim grip design equipped with sight, plunger, and stabilizer bushings;Crafted from variations of dymondwood and padauk wood;Bamboo wood limbs with reinforced limb tips;Fast Flight string compatible;Includes Flemish string and flat limb bolts

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