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Outdoor Edge Razor Guide Pak

Outdoor Edge Razor Guide Pak

Outdoor Edge

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The RazorGuide Pak combines the necessary tools for hunters in a compact waxed canvas roll pack. Featuring two RazorSafe replaceable blade knives and a saw. The RazorBone comes equipped with 3.5" drop-point blades, gutting blade and 5.0" boning/fillet blades. The RazorCape steps in with the 3.0" caping blade.The lightweight Flip N Zip saw powers through tough material with ease. All tools are conveniently stored in a premium waxed canvas roll pack that converts to a belt scabbard.

Features:Overall: 10.8 in / 27.5 cm;Weight: 3.1 oz / 87.9 g;Gutting Blade (1 Pcs.): 3.9 in / 10.0 cm;Drop Point Blade (2 Pcs): 3.5 in / 8,9 cm;Boning/Fillet Blade (2 Pcs.): 5.0 in / 12,7 cm
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