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Ozcut Easy Sharpener

Ozcut Easy Sharpener


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The 2 Easy Broadhead Sharpener is the ultimate tool for hunters and archers, designed to streamline the sharpening process of broadheads. It features 1000 grit diamond stones for precision sharpening, complete with a built-in 30-degree angle guide tailored for 2 Blade Broadheads and a flat stone for 3 Blade Broadheads and knives. This sharpener is compatible with Ozcut Broadheads but is also versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of double bevel 2, 3, and 4 blade broadheads. For the best results, a light coating of oil is recommended before use, enhancing the longevity of the sharpening edge with smooth, one-directional strokes. This handy tool promises to maintain the deadly efficiency of your equipment with minimal effort.

Features:2 Easy Broadhead Sharpener with 1000 grit diamond stones;Built-in 30-degree sharpening guide for 2 Blade Broadheads;Flat stone included for 3 Blade Broadheads and knives;Compatible with Ozcut Broadheads and other double-bevel broadheads;Recommended use with a light coating of oil for optimal sharpening;Designed for one-directional strokes to maintain edge sharpness;Enhances the longevity of broadheads for consistent performance
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